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We believe in change and we can only reach to it if we start working hard now.

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Our Target is youth because they are vibrant and strong and they also represent the future.

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World Youth Summit is a three days United Nations simulation for international students held biannually in any part of the globe. The first edition of World Youth Summit was held in Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. During these days, participants or delegates engaged themselves into the Dynamics of international relations by assuming the roles of world leaders and influential decision makers. It is an opportunity for delegates to improve their skills in many domains such as: teamwork, negotiation, leadership, public speaking and many others. The 2nd edition was held in South Africa, Johannesburg. A particular focus was given to the SDG 4 “Quality Education”, thus this was also one of the focus areas of the second edition in Johannesburg.

WYS believe in a better world of tomorrow through youth. For that reason, the delegates are the mains actors and they are expected to think ambitiously and critically. How can youth affect change in the community? What are the chances for young people to succeed through education, agriculture, and technology?

WYS was created on the 2nd of November 2018 by Hassan Rengou Mfouakie with the support of the United Youth Circuit leaders. The aim of the World Youth Summit is to follow youth in the achievement of their life’s goal, this makes it the first of its kind.

Hassan R. Mfouakie



Asutosh Pattanayak

Secretary General

Secretary General

Our Team

Excellent Substantive Staff. The staff of WYS has the most dedicated directors because they are carefully selected. All of them are experts on their respective field, and have been into it for a long time now. We make sure that delegates at the end of the conference leave with the idea that the world change can only be done through them and they own that power.

Executive Council

Hassan R. Mfouakie


Asutosh Pattanayak

Secretary General

Fawad Ali Langah

Chief Advisor

Dr. Khumoetsile Moetse


Dr. Eileen Cheng

Vice President

Hamail Irfan

Director General

Sara Vidha

Deputy Secretary General

Rahaf Al Saif

Honorary Secretary General


Shivam Patel

Director of Delegates' Affairs

Theo Lehlohonolo Moetse

Web Developer

Henniel Lyzha Punongbayan

Head of Graphics

Zuhair Ali Shah

Video Editor

Athuman Zuberi

Chief of Staff

Saliwe Njolomole

Deputy Director of Finance

Mariam Kabamba Merry

Director of Outreach

Alondi Commanda

IT Manager

Shobhan Krishan Mishra

Special Advisor

Kriti Saxena

Director General for Protocols

Hon. Ambassador Ikejiofor Promise U

Special Advisor

Makomborero Muzenda

Social Media & Content Manager

Rim Anabtawi

Director of Volunteers

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