WYS- South Africa Topics:

Topic A: Role of youth and women in achieving the 2063 agenda.
Topic B: Rethinking strategies to counter the rise in forced displacement in Africa.
Topic A: Legitimacy of Foreign Military Bases and their role in the Civil War.
Topic B: Reviewing the Progress in Disarmament: Emphasis upon the Conventional Test Ban Treaty.

Topic A
: Early child marriages and sexual violence against women.
Topic B: Strengthening Women’s Political and Economical participation in the public sphere.

Topic A
: Harnessing technology and innovation for the development of education.
Topic A: Improving International legislation on safeguarding national and cultural heritage.

Topic A
: The urgent need to put an end to Yemen’s Humanitarian Crises.
Topic B: Tackling Volatile Situation in MENA Region with Special Emphasis on Sudan.

Topic A
: Strengthening Youth Involvement in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 
Topic B: Establishing a comprehensive International Response system to Natural Disasters.

Topic A
: The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age.
Topic B: Evaluating potential human rights infringements by technological development.

Topic A
: Eliminating discrimination against children based on gender.
Topic B: Children Conflicts and displacement in Africa.