Mariam Kabamba Merry

Director of Outreach
Mariam Kabamba Merry was born and raised in Lubumbashi/Democratic Republic of Congo.
She is the founderess  and national coordinator of Congo Environnement and Nature (CEN), an NGO working for the environmental protection. She holds a bachelor degree in Geology from the University of Lubumbashi and a BSc in environmental management from the University Of South Africa (UNISA). She is currently studying to obtain a Master degree in environmental sciences.
In 2009, she worked as a voluntary road mender as part of project “Clean City “in the city of Lubumbashi. From 2010 to 2012, MARIAM was in charge of public relations of the movement Ecological Forum of Young Congolese (FOEJEC (French acronym)) created by University  of Lubumbashi students of the Faculty of Sciences.She is a very enthusiastic  and  motivated  woman who is one  of  the  heroes  of  the  world environment day 2019.
She was recognise as the best Ambassador for world Youth Summit Act 2 johannesburg. Im the director of outreach