The GLOBAL RESET FORUM Act 1 first edition is was held in Ankara Turkey on September 10-12 2021, under the patronage of the first lady of Turkey Emine Erdogan who is a philanthropist and founder of African Handicraft Market and Culture House. The Global Reset Forum is a three days activities related to quality education, gender equality and decent work & economic growth. The forum will host youths coming from every corner of the globe. These youths will then become Ambassadors of the global reset and advocates for the rapid achievement of the SDGs. Moreover, Social inclusion is key in this hard time and no one will be left behind.

North Cyprus, Acapulco Resort Convention Spa Hotel

World Youth Summit Act 5

The fifth edition Leading Like Mandela was held in North Cyprus on 5th – 6th December 2020 at Acapulco Resort Convention SPA Hotel. Leading like Mandela is a leadership development program in partnership with the United Nations. This program promotes active citizenry and strives to develop transformational leaders that are ethical and principle-centered to contribute to sustainable development and a creating a better world for all.


World Youth Summit Act 4

The act 4 of World Youth Summit was held online. It was a great experience for the 111 young people who participated . They got the privilege to hear from famous speakers such as the prime minister of the State of African Diaspora, Queen Diambi from Congo and Queen Sekhothali from the kingdom of AmaNdebele.